SNT Q25 Series RC Car Accessories

Size: C2 (Q25)-RC PCB board
Sale price$19.99


C2 (Q25)-RC PCB board
Compatible for Q25 series remote control car RC version
Product Details:
Q25-RC PCB board(Contains potentiometers, antennas)×1

 610 25000KV Motor(1/PCS)
Q25 Series Steering Motor
Pinion gear installed
Product Details:
610 25000KV Motor ×1

 612 35000KV Motor(1/PCS)
Q25 Series Drive Motor
Pinion gear installed
Product Details:
612 35000KV Motor×1

SG1  Gearbox
Compatible for Q25 series
Include:Drive Wheel Reduction Component +Drive Motor+Rear Wheel
Shipping list:
SG1 Powertrain ×1

SS2-B Steering

Compatible for Q25 series
Include:Steering Structure+Drive Motor+Dowel
Product Details:
SS2-B Steering Assembly×1

(C2) Q25 Chassis Repair Kit
Compatible for Q25 series: 240Z/R27/2000GT/JP
Product Details:
Carbon fiber vehicle chassis ×1
Left steering knuckle ×1
Right steering knuckle ×1
Steering knuckle axle ×4
Switch ×1
spring 2.5mm ×4
spring3.0mm ×4
screw M1.2*3mm ×6
screw M1.2*5mm ×7
screw M1.2*7mm ×4

(C2) Q25 Wheels(4/PCS)
Compatible for Q25 series
Product Details:
HT12×3.5 R8(mm)Front wheel×2
HT14×4.5 R8(mm) Rear wheel×2

DIY Camera Magnetic Base (1/pcs)
Matching suggestion: Race480 FPVBOX
Size: 61.5×36×26mm
Net weight:2.3g
Shipping list:62×14×6.6mm

Shipping list:
Camera Magnetic Base ×1
M2 * 5 Phillips screw ×3
2Pin SH1.25 ×1

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