Mamba Basic MK4 H743 X8 Flight Controller

Gyro: BMI270
Sale price$58.99


#All H7 uses Development version 4.3 Traget temporarily

MCU: 480MHz STM32H743
GYRO:BMI270 /MPU 6 Series DUAL optional
Barometer: Yes
OSD: Yes
Blacbox: 128M Flash Memory
Uarts: 8Set
ESC Signal:8Set
ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200
ESC Telemetry: Yes
Power Led: Yes
LED Controller:BF LED/MB LED(4 Set 2812 LED)
F.Port: Yes
Buzz: Yes
Input: 3~6S Lipo (12.6~25.2V)
TVS Protection: Yes
BEC:3.3V 0.5A& 5V 3A (System Power)&
5V 3A(LED)& 9V 3A
MOUNTING: 30.5mm,M3


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