M3/M2 Mounting DIATONE Naked HD Device Protect Suit ( 1/pcs )

TYPE: V1 M2 Mounting
Sale price$3.09


For Model: Mx-C3 Taycan/C25/ROMA F5/ROMAL4/L3


The injection molded parts are sturdy and resistant to explosion, and the angle is adjustable.

(V2 VERSION M3 adjustable mount )

(V1 VERSION M2 adjustable mount )

Quantity list:
Universal fixed base*1
Fixed base*1
M5 self-locking nut*1
M5×20mm hexagon socket screw*1
L-shaped H3 Allen key*1
Hexagon socket screw*3
Countersunk Phillips screw*3
Allen screws *3
Hexagon socket screw*5

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