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Size: ROMA F1 Bottom Plate(1/PCS)
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 Name ROMA F1 Bottom Plate(1/PCS)
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 6g
 Description Size: 95×66mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Material: T300 carbon fiber/3K 
List: ROMA F1 base plate × 1"


 Name ROMA F1 upper plate(1/PCS)
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 1.8g
 Description Size: 47×24mm
Thickness: 2mm
Material: T300 carbon fiber/3K twill
List: ROMA F1 upper board × 1


 Name ROMA F1 Camera Metal Protector Silver(2/PCS
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 2.8g 2/PCS
 Description Size: 24.5×17.5×4mm
Material: AL7075/silver
List: Camera aluminum parts left ×1
Camera aluminum parts right ×1


 Name ROMA F1  Antenna Mount1/PCS
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 0.5g 
 Description Copper tube antenna/power cord fixed
Size: 24.5×17.5×4mm
Material: TPU/black
List: Antenna Mount ×1


 Name Roma F1 T Antenna Mount(2/PCS
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 0.5g 
 Description TBS T-type small antenna mount
Size: 24.5×17.5×4mm
Material: TPU/black
List: Antenna holder left ×1
Antenna mount right ×1


 Name ROMA F1  Lipo non-slip pad(5/PCS
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 0.5g 
 Description Size: 24.5×17.5×4mm
Material: EVA/black/3M adhesive
List: Battery non-slip Pad ×5

 Name M2*14 Model A round knurled aluminum column(10/PCS)
 For Model ROMA F1 
 Weight 0.2g
 Description Size: ф3.5×20mm/M2
Material: AL6061/Black
M2*14 aluminum Standoff ×10

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