MAMBA ELRS 915 Receiver 1/PCS

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ELRS 915 Receiver Specification:

ELR Sopen Source Official Website:

GitHub Code :

Receiver firmware version:3.2.0

Frequency Band(s):915MHz FCC

Chip Type: ESP8285 MCU

RF Chip: SX1276

Frequency Range: 915MHZ

Maximum Receive Refresh Rate:200HZ

Minimum Receive Refresh Rate:25HZ

Voltage: 5V

Weight: 0.6g

Serial Receiver Provider: CRSF


Antenna Plug: IPEX MHF


Indicates Lamp Status:

Slow Flicker 500 MS on/off---Wait for the connection from the emitter
Quick Flicker 25 MS on/off--- Enable WiFi mode
Medium Speed Flicker 100ms on/off---Radio chip not detected
Double Flash and pause---Enable binding mode
Three flashes and then a pause---The transmitter is connected but the model-matching configuration does not match
The lights are on all the time ----Connect to the emitter or enable boot loader mode



    1, Question:Can this receiver work with the high-frequency head of the brand xxx?

Answer: The ELRS project is an open-source project, As long as it's a high-frequency head using the ELRS protocol, both brands can switch frequencies, but three conditions must be met  1.The same frequency, 2.4G or 915MHz;2. The firmware version needs to be consistent. For example, if the high-frequency head is brushed with 1.1 firmware, then the receiver should be brushed with 1.1 firmware;3. There is no frequency password, or both have the same password set。


    2,Question: How Do I get into drone frequency pairing mode?

Answer: After welding the receiver, quickly electrify the plane three times, Please follow this procedure: unplug once the power is on (repeat three times); In 1.5 seconds, the receiver's lights will flash twice, which means that the operation is correct, is in frequency pairing mode。At this point, press and hold the bind key of the remote control script to complete the frequency pairing, the receiver light will turn on all the time


    3, Question: The first time I used my receiver, I couldn't get into the right frequency, the lights were always on, Why?


    Answer: We had a similar problem and found that some of the TX RX ports in the flight control system had an anomaly that caused the receiver to go into boot brush mode, This situation can be resolved by simply replacing the TX RX in flight control。


    4,Question: Why is my receiver light flicker so fast??


    Answer: When you are powered on, you are not in a frequency pairing state, or you have paired the frequencies but did not turn on the remote control If the receiver has no signal for 60 seconds, it will automatically enter WIFI brush-write mode,and the indicator will quickly flicker。


    5, Question:How to enter Wi-Fi brush write mode to the receiver brush firmware?


Answer:Power on after the 60s, still not connected to the transmitter, will automatically enter WIFI brush-write mode, and the indicator will quickly flicker. or start RX wifi from the remote control lua menu after connecting the transmitter.



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