Do you Know the secret of the Tiny Button?

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To all Diatone' s Supporters

Want to Create your Own discount?

Now, It is getting easier !

Earn Diatone points to redeem the money off directly!

How to Earn?

Simple Steps to check below ↓↓↓


1, Create an account on Diatone to Earn 150 points.

2, Visit the product Landing page to Earn 2 points.

3, Make a Purchase to earn the points which are equal to your order price. (NOTE: We round to the nearest figure.)

4, Write a review to earn 25 points! 


 All the points will be given to your account automatically after your activities.


How to check my points?

Clearly, the points showed on the right of Diatone Rewards ...


Write a review to get 25 points!


How to Redeem the Points?

Click the Button →Get Rewards, then redeem the points.




Q1: When can I use the points?

A: To protect abusing use, we set approved periods, you can use the points after 7 days.

Q2: How long is the Voucher valid?

A: Once redeemed, your vouchers do not have an expiry date. 

Q3: How to check my voucher?

A: Click Diatone Rewards→Get Rewards.



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