MAMBA 2808 1100KV Racing Motor For Roma F7

Size: 1pcs
Sale price$27.99


TOKA 2808 1100KV Motor 
Color: Green
Overall Dimension:Φ35.1×40.3mm
prop mounting shaft diameter:5mm
Installation hole position:16×16mm/19*19,M3
Prop: 7 inch
Bottom Bearing:13*6*5
Top Bearing:10*6*4

Shaft Diameter:6.0mm
Magnet Wire: 240℃ Enameled Wire
Stator Diamter:28mm
Stator Height:8mm
Rated Voltage:4~6S (16.8V~25.2V)
Peak Current:38.7A
ladle Current:1.2A
Maximum Power: 862.5W
Internal Resistance:68mΩ   

Weight 63.5g

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