DIATONE Roma F7 7inch Frame Kit

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Wheelbase: 290mm
Weight: 200g
Prop Siza : 7 inch
FC Mounting: 30.5×30.5(M3)&20×20mm(M2)
Motor Mounting: 16mm(M3)
Recommended Motor Size: 28 Series motor
Top Plate: 2.5mm
Medium Plate:2mm
Bottom Plate: 3.5mm
ARM Thickness: 6mm
Max Stack Height: 23mm
Rated Volitage(Recommendation):4-6S

Recommend Lipo size: 6s 1600-1800 mAh
Drone nose metal parts:SUS304
carbon fiber:T300 3K

Pcaking List:

1.The default lake blue injection molded parts include:

2.head aluminum protection,

3.camera mount,

4.arm protection,

5.general GOPRO fixed base, 

6.the Stack side plate

Print Parts:
M8PLUS GPS/SMA analog antenna base*1
M22 GPS/DJI dual antenna mount*1

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